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We have news! Our former CofanoBlue department, specialized in QHSE Management systems, has  a new identity under the name INBISCO! We still remain close partners with INBISCO and will continue to inspire and support each other.


INBISCO developes Management Systems for risk, quality and process management (QHSE) and internal communication! The INBISCO Managements Systems enable you to give a clear structure to all possible (sub) processes within your company. This way you can record the tasks, powers and responsibilities arising from each employee with great detail. In addition, it is possible to easily perform risk analyzes and easily monitor, analyze and enter improvement records.

This means; getting rid of all the unclear Excel or Visio overviews and static manuals and a guarantee of an interactive, transparent, accessible and visually attractive application! The INBISCO Management Systems ensure that you can quickly click through from your processes to your improvement registration and risk analysis. This makes the software the ideal starting point for an ISO or VCA certification.

INBISCO offers the following three management systems:

  1. The Process Manager (PM) 
  2. Issue Registration Information System (IRIS) 
  3. Risk Assessment System ( RAS) 


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