Software Engineer

About Cofano

At Cofano, we are at the forefront of innovation in the logistics sector. We develop advanced software solutions that assist companies in optimizing their logistical processes and achieving successful growth. Our young and dynamic team of professionals collaborates to deliver value to our customers and contribute to the expansion of our company.

Job Description

To expand our team we are looking for creative and motivated software engineers (student / junior / medior). You will work closely with sales and a team of multi disciplinary developers. Together you will make sure the processes of customers like Port of Rotterdam, APM Terminals and European Gateway Services are optimized.

The toolset used is dependend of the role you have:

  • Front-end - React, Javascript, CSS/SASS and sometimes tools such as Adobe XD.
  • Back-end - Java/Kotlin, Spring Boot, Postgres/Mysql.

Who are you?

  • You have a passion for front-end or back-end development. Or both.
  • You are eager to learrn and always up to date with the latest tech developments.
  • You analyze problems and look for the best solution taking in account all parameters.

What's in it for you?

  • A competitive salary and travel costs;
  • Responsiblity over your own work; Technically, but also in working hours;
  • A dynamic and informal working enviroment. Professionality, team spirit, humor and personal development are keywords for working at Cofano.
  • Modern office within 5 minutes walking from Dordrecht Station!

Want to know more?

Working at Cofano


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At Cofano, we believe that quality and attention are very important, therefore, we would like to get to know you first. In order to plan an appointment, you can fill in when you would like to meet up down below.

Prefer direct contact? You can always call us: 085 44 44 534.


085 - 44 44 532

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The Netherlands

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