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The logistic software of the digital era.

In the logistic sector, multiple parties work together to transport products from A to B. Within this cooperation there are various moments where exchange of products takes place and ofcourse, within this exchange there is communication and different information flows. Cofano believes that the chances for further optimalisation of the logistical chain lies in these two parts: the communication in your logistical chain and the information exchange in your logistic chain.

Through the use of current technologies, we are capable of reducing communication (email, phone) and raising the quality of service within processes of information exchange and transmission right from the start.

Through the use of new technologies, users become pro-actively informed about certain delays, the timely delivery of data and documents or deviations in the planning. This means that users do not have to independently search or try to figure out certain information anymore to make sure their planning goes well.

The customers of Cofano can use “intelligence”. The intelligent software is developed through strong cooperation and exchange of experience between partners and engineers. The software tools reduce a lot of time-extensive work. With this software tool, you are now able to focus more on complex situations instead.

The development of “intelligence” is a continuous process within Cofano. The fast development of technologies such as artificial intelligence (machine learning, etc.) and big data, have a lot to offer the logistic industry. Our engineers use these techniques continuously to develop our applications, perform research and create experiments in cooperation with our partners.

"The work method of Cofano is different from those of other traditional suppliers in software solutions. Our aim is not to get old, but to stay innovative"

We strive to keep anticipating on new technological developments and developments within the logistic sector. We strongly believe that new possibilities and improvements should always be integrated in our solutions. New functions and features can be requested by our partners without having to pay extra costs. The development of these functions is based on requests from our partners or from our own insights and experience. Furthermore, these functions are available to everyone. Thanks to this working method, our application continuously improves and users will never have an outdated system.

"Because we are continuously improving our software, we don't "sell" our software. We offer it as a cloud-service: Software as a Service (Saas)."

When you receive our cloud service, you also receive the hosting, back-up, server and database control. Security, trustworthiness and continuity are crucial aspects to this part of our service, which is why we designed this aspects with great care. This care can be consolidated by our ISO-27001 certificate. Our partners do not have any additional costs in IT. The only thing you'll need to be able to work with our software, is a PC with a browser and an Internet connection. 


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