We are very proud of all our partners and the good relationships we have built with them throughout the years. A partnership with Cofano means so much more than just receiving a great product. It means that, we will start an adventure to retrieve the maximum potential of your business. Below you can find some references of our happy Cofano partners.

Johan Tiggelman - EMO-3


Johan Tiggelman - HR & SSHE Manager

"At presentations companies often promise a lot, which makes me quite sceptical as they often cannot live up to these promises. However, this is why I was so happily surprised with CofanoBlue; Cofano lives up to their promises and so much more! By being open to improvements and quickly processing these improvements; the product gets better with every release. CofanoBlue is more than just a product,it's a cooperation and a quest with Cofano to reach continuous improvement within both organisations.



Henk Bunt - Burando Maritime nog iets-1


Henk Bunt - QHSE Manager

"CofanoBlue is a great tool for the QHSE Manager, with all the necessary functionalities in just one software product. With focus on the PDCA circle, these three CofanoBlue modules complement each other perfectly. A big advantage of CofanoBlue is the possibility to share incidents, have transparant insights in registration/communications and the actions followed by the stakeholders." 



Lammert de Boer - Macdermid-1

Macdermid Enthone Industrial Solutions

Lammert de Boer - Global Director

"The Process Manager; thé method to grasp and view a relativiely complex but succesful business model in a simple and effective way. Through the means of clearly showing and clicking through all the primary processes and supporting processes, all necessary documents can be instantly traced and found. This way, the entire process overview has become one clear electronic manual. Thanks to the Process Manager there is no bureaucracy within our business anymore!"


Christiaan Poll - Infraspeed-1


Christiaan Poll - Quality and Safety Manager

"We wanted to use the Process Manager to connect our procedures and our tasks/responsibilities. The Process Manager has provided us with more understandable and simpler processes and a clearer division between diverse functions within our organization. Moreover, setting up processes has forced us to be more clear in looking at our interfaces and between diverse processes and departments."



Vincent Mulder - Ambaflex


Vincent Mulder - Quality Manager

"IRIS is a low profile system that requires just little effort to implement in your organization. The module's design is simple, which makes it very easy for users to start using it without training."


Ingmar Spijker - Ale-1

Ale Heavylift

Ingmar Spijker - HSQE Manager

" I experience RAS as an incredibly accessible and accommodating riskmanagement software system. It's incredibly practical as all risk information is so easily to implement. The result of this is newly created uniform method of working; the efficiency improves and the risk awareness increases, which is exactly what this software is meant for."

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