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In the logistic industry there are multiple active service providers. To get from A to B in a continental or intercontinental network, means that you have to choose from a large amount of alternatives. However, what is the right and most effective alternative for you? To make this choice easier for you, Cofano has created an 'engine' that combines the large offer in deepsea, shortsea, rail and inland navigation services to decide which ones are the best alternative for your transport.

With the Intermodal Voyage Planner, the best alternatives for your trip are decided based upon transit time, emissions (carbon footprint), distance and costs. Ports can use this service as an orientation for the large amount of services through their port and to simplify the process of bringing together demand and supply. Fill in your departure point (or address), the ultimate destination and an eventual date of departure and arrival and the engine will consider all your options, based on your port's network.

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