Barge & Rail operating system

For the complete strategic, operational and administrative processes of a barge or rail operator, Cofano has developed several an unique cloud application. The application can be used for time charter process, as well as for operators who are planning cargo, transport and their entire fleet. 


The application provides functionalities that can record customer data and orders, however, this is just the basis. The application distinguishes itself by reducing administrative processing and improving the planning and management process. Orders can be entered by the customer or customer service (electronically or manually) for both containers and for (break) bulk. Smart planning algorithms are used to support employees in planning the trains or ships. For bulk, previous loads can be taken into account, to prevent contamination.

The progress of the journey or order can be managed via a status system and can be viewed by all involved.

The control tower automatically monitors the execution of the transport. If the implementation deviates from the schedule, this becomes clear immediately. The system uses current GPS positions (tracking & tracing) in combination with the route that needs to be traveled on the inland navigation or rail infrastructure network (Cofano has inland shipping, shortsea, deepsea and rail networks). After an order has reached a certain status, the billing process can be triggered. For bulk transports, any measurement reports on loading and unloading can be included automatically. In the case of large deviations (adjustable), protest documents can also be generated from the application.

The captain or driver can view all the details of their current and future journeys, via the app.

In addition, they can use this app to report status changes during transport and add documents and photos. This way, everyone involved in a trip is always aware of the latest status updates and has access to all relevant documents.

For barge operators, the application provides the current and expected water levels, which, in combination with the ship's measurement letters, help prepare for ideal an travel preparation.

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