Wo are we?

Cofano Software Solutions offers web-based software solutions that provides you direct insights into all your relevant logistic- and process information.

Our great team from our office in Dordrecht.

We are Cofano Software Solutions: a software company based in Dordrecht and Enschede. Our organization was founded in August, 2010 by Koos Leeuwenstein and Marco Huijsman, two very experienced management consultants in business processes and IT. At the time, our two gentlemen experienced some difficulties regarding the implementation of their advice. To their regret, they witnessed how their advice could just never be fully implemented. Therefore, after years of frustration, the idea popped up to create a product that could, indeed, be fully implemented: Cofano was officially born! Now, we know that software can be quite a broad term, causing people to get a bit lost sometimes. But that’s why we’re here: we offer clear, completely implementable, software products, aimed at our partner’s specific wishes regarding software.

All our products are partly or completely web-based and we offer a few standard products focused on amongst other things; service management and BMP (business process management); perfected by our years of experience in the process industry. In order for us to be able to realize our products we have a growing but strong team of full-time starts and through the years we have created a strong cooperation and communication culture within our company. Through the help of our motivated team and our strong cooperation with our partners, we are able to respond and act upon the wishes of our partners as best as possible.

The Cofano business culture expresses itself through creativity and smart work

Our business culture expresses itself through its creativity in combination with hard work and mostly of course, a lot of fun in creating the continues innovative software updates. Although our Cofano team works hard and professionally, the work environment is quite informal. This pleasant work environment does not only allow everyone to feel at ease within our organization, it also creates a more effective, more transparent and visionary way of working. We are very proud of our company culture and with our bright team, finding innovative solutions with the use of new techniques is self-evident!

Our goal is to create an effective and personal partnership with our partners. For almost 10 years we have developed business software with a lot of passion and gained a lot of experience in the process. Because of our rich experience within the process industry, we know as no other what goes on in the market. Additionally, we work with latest techniques and together with our partners we strive to reach their goals as effective and innovative as possible.

We are Cofano: innovative, trustworthy, experts, unique and most of all; motivated to take on the challenge with you!

Are you a young talent or do you know anyone in the field of software, IT or relatable working fields, that would fit perfectly within our team? Lucky you! To maintain our work culture and to be able to keep up with the large demand for our products, we’re constantly looking for stars!

So take a look at our job page and contact us!

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