Truck Appointment System

During the day, many trailers and container visits are processed for the supply and removal of goods at one or more warehouse locations. However, it is often not known exactly which order will be delivered or delivered at what time. This creates an inefficient process in the warehouse and long waiting times for carriers.

By using a time slot registration system or truck appointment system from Cofano, the entire supply and removal process can be highly improved. Transporters can register truck visits in advance for 1 or more locations via a website or a system integration, which takes into account the availability of the location. After confirming the appointment, it is possible that a bar or QR code will be issued, with which the entire gate process can be fully automated with an app. An integration with a central (port) pass system is also possible.

Additionally, a limit of the number of visits can also be set for a carrier. A restriction on the number of visits per day can also be specified for the party for which the logistics service provider holds stock. The system can be integrated with a warehouse management system (WMS).

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