Terminal Operating System

STACK is the TOS system from Cofano and is a complete cloud application that is not equipped with an IT infrastructure. Users only need a computer with an internet browser!

The application provides all the functionalities necessary for a sea or inland terminal. After the order entry, orders from shipping companies can be processed (completely electronically) as well as intermodal transport orders from a deepsea terminal that travel via an inland terminal to their final destination or vice versa.

The power of the application is the so-called "ball-line" system that is recorded for every task, action or booking. Each task or action is included in a separate part of the application, so that these actions can be centralized and coordinated or carried out by a (specialized) employee (for example via the truck or barge planning).

The application can save 1 or more predefined scenarios for each customer, which contain various tasks, actions and / or transports that must be performed. Tariffs are linked to all of these components via the contract part of the application. Invoicing can be done automatically through the combination of contracts and tasks in every booking.

Interested in our Terminal Operating System?

Interested in our Terminal Operating System? We would love to tell you more about this software application! Please do not hesitate to contact us!

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